Clarity on Demand

Strategy DNA is full-service decision-support company working with business and government decision makers to bring clarity into their situation and support them in making key decisions for their business, organizations, and societies.

We cultivate and grow our clients’ competitive advantage by identifying, evaluating, and capitalizing on the opportunities made possible by rapidly changing global conditions.

Uniquely, our modus operandi facilitates the development, testing, and implementation of the most effective cross-sector, i.e. industry-agnostic, business strategies.


Leveraging CROSSDATA™ platform leads to more impactful solutions and shorter time to decision.

Radical Transparency
Iterative, personalized, collaborative project delivery. We are not a black box.

Human to Human
While we are AI-friendly, but we also know that you and your company are the most important part of the story. You are always in the driver’s seat.


When hiring a consultant, are you looking to confirm what you already know, what’s tried and tested – or, do you want to discover how the best of the best do it in other sectors?

Our approach is industry-agnostic because we recognise the inherent and inevitable limitations which result from the fact that most companies’ strategy development process draws inferences, insights, and reference points from within their own industry, exclusively.

As a result, particularly among strategy consultants, the process consists of “repackaging” conclusions which, because they are backward-looking, add limited value to a client’s business.


By way of contrast, harnessing the power of the industry-agnostic CROSSDATA™ platform enables us to think outside the box, and learn how top performers in other sectors develop and implement strategy.

Our simple, yet disruptive model improves the quality of decision-making by relying on cross-sector insight that will transform your business, because, like you, we’re also disruptive.

Focus on the Right Things

We focus on the core challenges of next generation business strategy – sustaining growth and innovation in the face of rapidly changing markets and societies.

We help our clients understand how to use cutting-edge strategic tools to analyze new opportunities in order to zero in on the best areas and ways to expand their businesses.

We develop the most effective ways of positioning you against your competition and help you plan the steps required to roll out your strategy in practice.

Our dedicated experts add value by calibrating and fine-tuning a combination of goal-specific yet comprehensive analytics with targeted, deep subject-matter knowledge.

Market Research

Competitive Intelligence

Business Strategy

Branding and Marketing

Valentina Fomenko
Founder and CEO
Prior to starting Strategy DNA, Valentina spent twelve years working in external consulting and internal strategy roles in both the public and private sector.

During a five-year period within state-level executive branch budget offices, Valentina played an important role in shaping decisions concerning expenditures of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars. She also influenced executives in a way which directly impacted the operations of large, diverse state government agencies. As a corporate management consultant, Valentina has provided strategic and operational advice to executives of Fortune 500 companies, including Siemens, Pernod Ricard, Consolidated Edison, and Kaiser Permanente.

Valentina’s extensive real-world experience led her to believe that clients have been shortchanged by well established but less than rigorous methodologies. Her firm conviction is that developments in technology now make it possible to profoundly disrupt the strategic consulting industry in a way that delivers considerable added value to clients and their businesses.

Valentina received an MSc degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Central European University, where she was a recipient of the Open Society Foundation scholarship. She also holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences from Oregon State University as well as an MBA in Strategy and Financial Analysis from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.
Valentina Fomenko
Founder and CEO
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